What Age Group Uses Reddit?

Reddit is the internet’s hub for opinions, and the site boasts over three hundred and thirty million users who log in to share their thoughts. Even with millions of users and plenty of diversity, Redditors may share a few key traits, namely, their age. Although the site does make space for users of all ages, there is a common age group that most users fall under. 

What age group uses Reddit? Most Reddit users are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine. This age group makes up a whopping sixty-four percent of Reddit users. The next largest group, users between thirty and forty-nine years old, makes up twenty-nine percent of users. 

What Age Group Uses Reddit?

Although we can clearly see the most common ages of Reddit users, there is plenty of interesting diversity contained in those age groups. Additionally, though the fifty and up crowd make up a smaller percentage of the Reddit population, there are still plenty of spaces for them to interact both with younger generations and with users their own age group as well.

Demographic for users age eighteen to forty-nine on Reddit

We know that ages eighteen through fourty-nine make up around ninety-three percent of Reddit users. With such a large percentage representing such a small age range, it can be easy to imagine that Reddit lacks diversity in its users. However, this ninety-three percent of users represent a wide range of nationalities, genders, and ethnicities that add variety to the discourse of the site. Displaying the details of your nationality, gender, and ethnicity on Reddit is completely voluntary, which means there’s likely even more diversity in the site than we know. 

Upon closer inspection, there is actually a wide range of demographic factors that help us understand this large group of users. Here are some of the other factors that define the eighteen to forty-nine demographic on Reddit: 

  1. Gender – It is fairly common knowledge that Reddit users tend to be both young and male. According to statistics and estimated seventy-four percent of Reddit users worldwide are male. In the United States, an estimated sixty-seven percent of users are male. Again, there is nothing more important than online safety, so it is possible that his number could be slightly skewed due to women, or others who did not feel fully comfortable, choosing not to disclose their gender to protect their online anonymity. 
  2. Nationality – Although you can access Reddit from almost anywhere in the world, there are a few countries that make up the majority of users. The United States comes in with the most users, representing around forty-nine percent of Reddit users. The United Kingdom comes in next with an estimated eight percent of users. Canada represents around seven percent of site users. Australia and Germany are nearly tied at around three percent of users. The rest of the global users come in with smaller percentages.
  3. Ethnicity – This data represents users who felt comfortable volunteering their ethnicity. As with the other factors on this list, it is possible that actual numbers may vary slightly since all of the information provided is completely optional for users. The ethnicities are categorized as White, Black, Hispanic, and Other. Seventy percent of users identified themselves as white, while around seven percent identified as black. Around twelve percent identified as Hispanic, leaving around eleven percent who identified as other. 
  4. Other Factors – Since the age groups skew very young on Reddit, the most common job type selected is Student. Seventy percent of these young users access Reddit through their mobile devices. These young users who use their mobile devices to view video content on Reddit spent twice as much time on the platform as other users. 

Reddit users represent a surprisingly wide range of income among its users. These numbers are based on United States currency.  Reddit reports thirty-five percent of users earning more than seventy-five thousand a year, thirty-four percent earning between thirty thousand and seventy-five thousand a year, and around twenty nice percent earning less than thirty thousand a year.

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A common question that gets asked is if Reddit is ok for 13 year olds?

The answer is more complicated than you think. For some people, it’s a great place to explore new things and find out about topics they love. The problem is that there are many subreddits in which the content may not be appropriate for kids under 18 years old.

If you have the Reddit Enhancement Suite, Reddit is okay for 13 year olds. If your kid has an account on Reddit, make sure he or she only subscribes to subreddits with age-appropriate material. One way of doing this would be by using Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) – a browser extension that allows you to filter out unwanted subreddits from view when browsing the site.”

How does Reddit compare to other sites?

Reddit is popular not only for its social interaction features, but for its ability to share news, scientific discovery, and pop culture crazes with its users. Reddit goes so far as to describe itself as the front page of the internet. Many users who enjoy Reddit are not very active on other social media sites that may be considered more mainstream. In comparing Reddit to other somewhat similar platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, we may be able to see what makes Reddit and its users stand out from the crowd. 

Twitter’s reputation may be that the crowd is somewhat older than the average Redditor, however, their fifty-plus crowd only accounts for around twelve percent of their users. The eighteen to forty-nine-year-old users represent around seventy-three percent of Twitter users. In terms of gender, Twitter can claim a little more equality with sixty-five percent male users and thirty-five percent female users. Reddit retains a larger eighteen to forty-five crowd, as well as a larger population of male users. 

Facebook is typically regarded as the social media platform with the oldest average users. Of Facebook’s over two billion users around fifty-four percent are female and forty-six percent are male. Sixty-two percent of Seniors who use the internet are Facebook users. This makes them the most popular site for online users who are sixty-five and older. If Reddit is considered young and male, Facebook trends toward old and female. Many Reddit users may associate this particular social platform with older generations and stick to the younger crowd found on Reddit.

Instagram shares some content similarities with Reddit. While both sites enjoy sharing brief videos, memes, gifs, and photos Instagram is limited solely to this visual content. Like Facebook, Instagram puts more of a focus on users’ personal lives rather than sharing news or sparking debates. Of it’s one billion users, around fifty-six are female while around forty-three percent are male. Around eighty-three percent of users fall into the eighteen to forty-nine category, meaning they share a large young population with Reddit users. 

Youtube, like Reddit, is not as concerned with the user’s gender and age, so much of the information found about the site is volunteered by its users. Unlike many of the other social platforms, Youtube is limited to only video content. Many Redditors will like Youtube videos in their Reddit posts, so their sites tend to share similar if not the same users. Youtube users are around sixty-two percent male, and around ninety percent of internet users age eighteen to forty-four use Youtube to view videos. 

What content is popular with ages eighteen to forty-nine

In order to learn more about the age group that most frequently uses Reddit, users ages eighteen to forty-nine, it may also be useful to determine what types of content these users prioritize. Reddit users are very active on the site, most users access it through their mobile device and stay around sixteen minutes per visit. These Redditors are likely engaging with the content listed below: 

  • Videos. Video content is the most upvoted content on Reddit. Whether the video contains funny pranks, a breaking news story, an oddity discovered out in the world, or a scientific phenomenon, Reddit users in this age group flock to this visual media. 
  • Questions. Reddit users in this age range love to share their opinions with others. When an interesting question is posed, they will likely not only upvote this question but join in the discussion in the comments.
  • Ask Reddit. The popular subreddit is a classic because it offers Reddit users in this age range the chance to share their unique experience and knowledge to answer vexing questions for other users. 
  • News and Politics. Many young users in the eighteen to forty-nine age range use Reddit as a source for up to date news and other political stories. These users tend to head to Reddit for breaking stories rather than local or national news sources. 
  • Technology. The eighteen to forty-nine demographic encompasses many users who are tech-savvy and interested in new technology developments. On Reddit, these users have the opportunity to find helpful technology news and review that they can use to make actual purchases. 
  • Humor. Many Reddit users in this age range are interested in content that entertains. Whether it’s a joke, a comic, or a video, users often visit the site for a pick-me-up and seek out content that makes them happy.

Communities for older groups

Although Reddit may seem skewed to a young audience, there are plenty of subreddits where slightly older Redditors can find an active community to engage with. Redditors who are fifty-plus are always welcome to join in any subreddit they choose and are never required to disclose their age to their fellow Redditors. However, many Redditors join the site to find people with similar interests which often means people who are in the same age range who have lived through similar experiences. 

One way that these Redditors can interact is through dedicated decade subreddits. Each decade has its own subreddit community. Redditors who are fifty-plus can join these decade subreddits whether it’s a decade they or perhaps their grandparents lived through. These subreddits can be a rich platform for discussion as they can connect younger generations who are interested in the cultural and political history of an era with the older generation who lived through the events and can offer personal insight. 

There are many other subreddits devoted to the fifty-plus Reddit crowd. Here are just a few options for these Redditors:

  • r/askoldpeople – This subreddit offers older Redditors the chance to share their experience with younger Redditors. Younger Redditors will ask questions, and the subreddit requests that only Redditors who are Generation X or older offer their advice in the comments. This is a great community for older Redditors who really want to engage with other users.
  • r/BoomTimes – This subreddit is reserved for Redditors who fall under the Baby Boomer category. They are devoted to sharing insights with each other as they begin transitioning from working to retirement. This subreddit encourages its users to share their resources for financing their retirement, healthcare, and changing gears. 
  • r/Overfifty – This subreddit is devoted to Redditors who are over fifty. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about their current phase of life. Redditors discuss everything from nostalgic games to self-care topics. 
  • r/RedditForGrownups – This subreddit has no specific age range, but claims to be for older Redditors who are frustrated with the memes, comics, and slang that often appears on the front page of Reddit. Users are encouraged to share their nostalgia in their posts
  • r/Seniors – This subreddit is perfect for seniors who are interested in reading about and discussing retirement. Users typically share helpful articles from around the internet and engage in productive discussions in the comments. 

Communities for younger groups

Although many statistics show the average age range of a Redditor starting at eighteen years old, there is a large portion of teenage and high school users who frequent the site. Younger generations are quite active on the site and likely make up a large percentage of the users who choose to access Reddit through their mobile devices. Teenagers who fall outside of the popular eighteen to forty-nine age range have carved out several communities for themselves on Reddit where they can meet up with other like-minded users who are their age.  

Teens have such a wide range of dedicated subreddits that cover general, relationships, style, humor, helpful, creative, books, gaming, sports, social issues, school, youth rights, government, religion, mental health, and clubs. These groups often serve as safe spaces for younger generations where they can discuss major life issues or find entertaining content tailored to them. Some of the communities that these teen users have created can be found here: 

  • r/teenrelationships – This subreddit is a place for teens who are struggling with relationships. Teenagers can visit the subreddit, submit their problem, and get advice from fellow Redditors on how best to handle the situation. This subreddit is strict about not sharing personal or inappropriate details. 
  • r/teenmfa and r/teenffa – These two subreddits represent teen male fashion advice and teen female fashion advice. Teens who join these subreddits will have the opportunity to explore fashion trends, fashion advice, and fashion memes with like-minded teens. Recurring weekly threads in this group keep the content on topic. 
  • r/teenageartists – This subreddit is one of many creative subreddits dedicated to younger artists. Young artists are encouraged to share their digital, pencil, pen, paintings, photography, etc. with other artists their age. Artists can find other collaborators or get feedback on their work in the comment section. 
  • r/youthrights – This subreddit is a great fit for young Redditors who are interested in activism. Members of this group discuss youth rights, ageism, promoting youth rights initiatives, supporting youth agency, and organizing youth rights groups. 
  • r/HomeworkHelp – This subreddit is devoted to helping students who are struggling with homework assignments. The purpose of this group is not to answer specific homework questions, but to help teens learn the concepts addressed in the assignments. 

Is Reddit getting younger?

As teens begin to explore Reddit and make their mark on the front page, some older Redditors have grown concerned. Many Redditors who fall in the eighteen to forty-nine age range ask themselves if they are getting older or if Reddit is getting younger? Even Reddit users in their twenties are left feeling older when they finding posts that are difficult for them to relate to such as complaints about parents, problems found in teen relationships, video game content for young audiences, and an abundance of memes as they scroll through the front page of Reddit. 

Older Redditors speculate that the site is entirely made up of teens and children now, though they are likely just noticing more young content on their feed. With the synergy between Reddit and Youtube, many younger Redditors have found their way to the site through their favorite Youtuber referencing subreddits or memes found through Reddit. Though there has been an obvious uptick in younger users lately there is still plenty of space for everyone and their content on the site. A large number of young users does not erase the existence of older users.

Whenever a new age group or subculture discovers Reddit, it’s likely that you will see their content displayed on the homepage. Once you notice something new, it’s hard not to notice it everywhere you look.  However, that does not necessarily mean that a group is overtaking the site. It simply indicated that there is a large number of new users who are excited to engage with the site. 

Luckily, if you feel your voice is drowned out on Reddit, you have plenty of opportunities to make yourself heard. Reddit provides limitless opportunities for you to share your opinions through polls, posts, and the comment section.

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