A Beginner’s Guide To Reddit Karma

What is Reddit Karma? What are the benefits of having a lot of karma on Reddit? How do I increase my “link” karma on Reddit? These are all very important questions that we will answer in this blog post.

We will also cover how to get started with your first post, and what you should expect once you start getting involved in the community.

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit Karma is a form of internet points that are given to Reddit users for posting content. Reddit karma is a measure of how much good will an individual has received from the users on their posts.

Reddit Karma

Karma is not just given for making quality, informative content–it can be gained by posting funny or popular links as well! When you post something and it gets upvoted, you gain one point of karma.

The more upvotes your posts get, the better chance it has to be seen by other users and have even MORE people like what they see.

Here are some of the most popular questions people ask about Reddit karma:

How Do You Get Reddit Karma?

Users can get karma by posting quality content. The more upvotes your post gets, the better chance it has to be seen and liked!

There are also a few ways to get karma without posting content. One way is by commenting on popular posts with insightful or funny questions, answers and remarks!

Another way to get karma is by submitting popular links. If you submit funny or popular links as well, your karma will increase!

Users can gain points by posting quality content and submitting good posts with a special focus on attracting upvotes in order for their post’s visibility rise among other users who might like what they see.

You can gain points simply just for submitting good links too if you submit them in the right way – where it’s clear what your intentions were from before hand when submitting the link.

How Is Reddit Karma Calculated?

Reddit uses a points system to calculate karma. A user’s post will be upvoted, down voted or left untouched depending on how much it is liked by other users in the community at that time of voting (comments and votes expire after some amount).

Users receive one point for each net positive vote their content receives – meaning if someone upvotes, down votes or leaves a comment on your post by clicking the -/+ buttons they are worth one point each.

How Much Reddit Karma Is Good?

The amount of karma needed to reach each status level is different, but the general idea remains – if you want more power on Reddit (such as being able post links or comments without moderation) then it’s important that your account has a lot. For some users this could take years for others just weeks and all depends what they do with their account.

In other words, karma is a measure of how valued your contributions are by the community. It’s not something that you can buy or sell on its own.

How To Build Reddit Karma Quickly?

The best way to gain karma quickly is by posting relevant, well-written content that resonates with the community. You can also gain karma by answering questions on the site.

If you’re struggling for ideas or inspiration then there are a few subreddits which could help make your life easier – /r/AdviceAnimals and other types of memes in general work really nicely because they need little context before they’re funny.

If you want to post your own photos then /r/EarthPorn and other nice landscape photography subreddits are a great place for inspiration, or if there’s something more specific that interests them try scanning through the top posts on relevant subs like:

  • Funny – r/,AdviceAnimals (for images)
  • Scary – r/creepy
  • General – r/AskReddit

Reddit has a huge range of subreddits, so it’s worth spending some time browsing and finding out what you like before posting anything!

Fastest Way To Get Reddit Karma

There are many ways to get Reddit Karma, but one of the fastest and easiest is by posting a link on reddit.

The best way for beginners at using social media in general or just with their subreddits specifically can go about this method would be:

  • Go onto your subreddit that you want karma from;
  • post an interesting article there (with links);
  • and wait for the karma to come rolling in.

It is also worth noting that you should be sure not post something too popular or it will get buried, but rather a lesser known article/video so as your link can stand out more easily while still getting views.

How To Give Karma To Someone On Reddit?

The easiest way to give someone karma is by commenting on their content. There’s no way for someone else on Reddit (or anywhere) can take away your points once they are given – so don’t worry about going overboard! Just try not giving them too liberally when there is spam posts or content that doesn’t deserve the recognition.

Reddit Karma is a way of showing appreciation to other users for good content. It’s one aspect that helps determine the popularity and visibility in Reddit, but it doesn’t mean anything beyond your own personal gratification (though many people like seeing their karma total rise). You’ll need an account on reddit before you can give or receive any points though.

You can also gift them reddit gold, but this costs real money and isn’t as appreciated in the same manner because of it’s value (though gifting does show a more appreciative gesture). It should be noted that you’re not limited when giving points – if there is a post you see and want to give karma, click the up arrow button in it.

Is Reddit Karma Worth Anything?

No, Reddit karma is not really worth anything. Reddit karma is just a measure of how much you’ve contributed to the site. You can only give or receive karma between other users, and it doesn’t do anything beyond making your account feel nice when someone gives some back!

Reddit karma has no monetary value and can’t be exchanged for anything. It does not affect the user’s Reddit privileges in any way. Reddit karma is just for show on the Internet- no one has ever exchanged it in any way that we know of yet (though you can give some back to other users). Still though: very fun to think about and to have!

When you give someone else karma, they see that and are very appreciative of your gesture (though it doesn’t always mean a lot to them). You can do this simply by finding their post on reddit or clicking over from an outside link- anywhere! The most common ways to share karma are by upvoting posts and comments, or giving someone a “karma’d” comment.

Can You Get Negative Karma On Reddit?

Yes, you can get negative karma on Reddit when people downvote your posts and comments. This is more likely to happen if you post a lot of clickbait-type content, or posts that are offensive in some way.

The good news? You can always earn your karma back! If you start posting interesting and intelligent things instead then the downvotes will turn into upvoting eventually 🙂 There’s no point getting angry at a few of Reddit’s members- just take it as an opportunity to improve and continue posting.

If you’re feeling like your karma has become stagnant, another way is by participating in the “Random Acts Of Karma” program on redditgifts! Everytime someone sends out their gift from this platform they can help others earn some healthy karmic points at the same time.

Can You Make Money From Reddit Karma?

Some people may be wondering if there is a way to make money off of this karma system. The answer depends on what you’re trying do get out and accomplish from your time spent here, but some possibilities are: participating in advertising programs or posting links that have affiliate codes associated with them.

Benefits Of Reddit Karma

There are many benefits of engaging in this social networking site, including the karma system. With a little bit dedication and patience to get there – anyone can enjoy it’s rewards!

Some potential perks include: increased traffic for your blog posts or website links as well contributing content that will be used by other people who visit reddit on an everyday basis like me.

While it’s hard to say what the benefits are for each person, there is a general consensus that this site can help you become more popular and successful on sites like facebook or twitter by improving your “karma” score with people who visit from reddit every day – which in turn will also increase traffic going back towards those networks as well.

Does Reddit Karma Expire?

No, the karma you earn on Reddit never expires. It’s permanent and accumulates over time, getting higher the more people like your content or upvote it in subreddits that reward such behavior with a Karma point system (like /r/aww).

This is different from reputation points which are temporary for most websites – if someone downvotes one of your posts, they can take away your reputation points by bringing the total down to zero.

The one exception is if you delete a post that someone upvoted and it was over 100% of their karma limit for voting on submissions in subreddits where this behavior isn’t banned – then after 20 minutes or so (unless an admin deletes them sooner), the upvote is removed from your total and they get it back.

The best way to increase karma on reddit: post interesting things, be a good person in chats or comment sections (be constructive!), contribute high-quality comments when you’re not submitting content of yourself – whatever that may mean for someone else!

Does Reddit Karma Mean Anything?

Reddit Karma is a reputation system that you can use to tell how good your content or comments are. It’s very important for bloggers who want traffic, recognition in the community and credibility with other influencers because it tells them if they’re doing something right.

Getting karma on Reddit doesn’t have any tangible benefits like increasing revenue from ads – but it does make your content and comments more visible.

In other words, Reddit Karma is a proxy for the quality of one’s contributions to various subreddits on reddit!

How Much Karma Is Needed To Post On Reddit?

Anyone can post on reddit, but there are some restrictions.

How much karma you need to post on Reddit depends on the subreddit you’re trying to post on. Each subreddit has a set of rules that you must follow to post on it.

It may require at least, for example:

  • 100 karma points in the community before posting;
  • or being active within another related but separate community(s).

The moderators will determine how much experience is required and enforce those requirements from time-to -time.

Karma points are not an end in themselves – they’re used to evaluate contributions and make them more visible on the site!

How Long Does It Take For Reddit Karma To Update?

It usually takes a day for your Karma score to update. Since Karma is updated only once daily, if something happens to your account in the meantime (e.,g.: posting content on another subreddit) it might not be reflected until after that update has taken place.

The number at the top of your Reddit homepage is an aggregate score for all time. For example, if you have 100 karma points and post a link to one comment on another subreddit which gained 20 upvotes from that community later in today’s session – then over night (and assuming nothing else happened), tomorrow morning when it updates its numbers, you’ll have a score of 120.

Who Has The Highest Reddit Karma?

Although karma is constantly changing, as of now, u/GallowB has the highest combined karma of 36,710,863. u/TooShiftyForYou has the highest comment karma of 23,424,710.

What Is The Average Reddit Karma?

The average karma for a Reddit account is 980 points. That means, on the whole of Reddit’s communities and subreddits there are about as many accounts with negative Karma (-980) or higher than those that have a positive score (1080+).

This number, of course, is constantly changing.

Where To Post Memes On Reddit With Low Karma?

The best place to post memes on Reddit with low karma is r/dankmemes. r/danmkmemes is a subreddit about memes that have been deemed too dank for the normal communities on Reddit.

There are many other subreddits of a similar nature, but r/danksmemes is one you can start with.


I have witnessed many people on Reddit express their confusion about karma points and how they are earned. I hope I’ve answered all your questions!

Karma points are awarded for sharing interesting, thought-provoking, or funny content that is either informative or entertaining. The more upvotes a post receives the higher it will be ranked on the site’s pages and the more karma you will earn.

No doubt you’ve seen posts with titles like “This made me laugh so hard!” or “You’ll never guess what happened next!”

While these posts may not be as helpful as say an informational piece of writing such as this one, they still deserve credit for being humorous and entertaining in some way shape or form.