Best Time to Post on Reddit – Time Your Posts Perfectly for the Most Upvotes

The timing of your posts on Reddit is crucial as it can significantly impact the traffic, exposure, and engagement you receive. Best practices dictate that posting at specific times can boost upvotes, giving you more visibility and exposure.

So what is the best time to post on Reddit? The best time to post on Reddit is on Mondays between 6 AM and 8 AM, on Saturdays between 7 AM and 9 AM, and on Sundays between 8 AM and 12 PM (US Central Time). Reddit posts made in the mornings on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays perform best.

Peak hours, optimal times, and timing are all key elements in determining the best time to post on Reddit. Subreddits, userbase, moderators, and karma are other factors that can influence the success of a post.

Upvotes, popularity, frequency, interaction, and comments are all indicators of how well a post is doing. Posting strategy, content quality, subscriber base, shareability, impressions, and engagement rate are all elements that contribute to the eventual success of a post.

The key to success on Reddit is to create content that resonates with the audience and to understand the topics that are of interest to the subreddit.

Reddit's Peak Hours

You can make a Reddit post wherever (on any subreddit you have access to) and whenever – at any point during the day. But there are definitely better and, statistically speaking, “best” times to submit content to reach your target audience.

In this article, we’re going to examine what those times are, general guidelines to follow in regard to when to post on Reddit, and how to determine when the optimal time to post is for you.

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Optimal Timing for Reddit Posts: Maximizing Engagement

When determining when to post Reddit posts, yo will need proper research and data. Since most Reddit traffic comes from users and visitors based in the US, it’s simple enough to deduce that the best times to post on Reddit are when people living in the US are up and about.

But what times specifically are the best?

Luckily for us, a Redditor who goes by the username “antirabbit” wrote a Python script, scraped the data, and crunched the numbers on popular subreddits to come up with a definitive answer to the question.

He used a random sample of 73,000 Reddit posts for the default subreddits new users are automatically subscribed to (and which are the largest subreddits by subscriber and submission count on Reddit) and took the performance of submissions posted on Monday from 8 to 10 AM US Central Time as the baseline point of reference.

In his analysis, he found that the submissions that did the best were those posted in the mornings on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

More specifically, posts submitted on Mondays between 6 and 8 AM, on Saturdays between 7 and 9 AM, and on Sundays between 8 AM and 12 PM (US Central Time) did best.

They got scores (roughly, the number of maximum upvotes minus the number of downvotes) between 12% to even 44% higher than the “control group” of 8-to-10 AM Monday posts.

It’s on the weekends that people can browse Reddit for longer, comment and upvote more and relax on their weekend by spending time browsing the internet.

So what does this mean?

Counter to what many people who work with Reddit think, the working week is not, statistically, the better time to gain exposure on Reddit.

Although marketers might have a “captive audience” in work-week users and visitors due to many being close to computers and other devices throughout the day, many of them have little time (lunch break) to participate actively by upvoting as well as browse and stay longer on the site.

It’s on the weekends that people can browse Reddit for longer, comment and upvote more and relax on their weekend by spending time browsing the internet. It’s a more widespread way of spending weekend free time than many of us would like to admit. These are the best posting times.

The morning posting hours ensure that the post has the whole day for Americans from all six US time zones and the four contiguous continental time zones to see your submissions. If they visit that specific subreddit several times throughout, they’ll be more likely to see your post several.

Early morning posts also mean that there is more time to get a discussion going, which is a sure way of attracting attention to your submission. And replying to comments and questions is a good way to promote something by linking to it, as well as ensuring that anyone searching the subreddit in the future for the topic has the chance to come across your comments and submissions.

It should all be done with openness, respect, and subtlety, of course – Redditors will be irritated if they feel that you’re posting to simply and blatantly advertise something.

Even worse if they suspect it benefits you directly, you lie by denying it and are found out (it is the internet, after all – you will be found out sooner or later.)

Think about creative ways of using Reddit Polls to make the most of the traffic from Reddit.

That’s a sure way to compromise your reputation, something which is important and taken seriously on Reddit and can determine whether your submission is received well or not.

Make sure you keep this in mind while making your posting schedule.

Major social media platforms change their algorithms frequently, and it can be tough to keep up. But if you want your content to be seen by the largest possible audience, it’s important to pay attention to these changes and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

Identifying Peak Activity Periods on Reddit

Reddit’s peak hours are between the times of 10:00 AM to about 11 AM EST.

This is when most people on Reddit will be online and browsing content, so it makes sense for you as a marketer or blogger/content creator to post your best work during these peak times if possible.

Understanding Reddit’s Activity Patterns

Reddit is most active on weekdays, with the highest volume of posts and comments happening in the morning hours.

On weekends Reddit activity slows down a bit as users catch up on sleep or spend more time outside enjoying nature instead.

Optimal Days for Maximizing Engagement on Reddit

The best days for posting on Reddit are Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

The best time to post to Reddit on Saturday is between 07:00 AM and 09:00AM.  On Sundays, the optimum posting time is from 06 AM until 08 AM with a peak in activity at around 11 Am EST (noon). On Mondays there’s less competition for views so it can be an ideal day of week to post. Of course, there are a lot of other variables.

Analyzing Subreddit and User Moderation: Insights for Specific Subreddits

The best time to post on Reddit depends on the subreddit you are posting in, as well as the target audience for that subreddit. In general, it is best to post when the subreddit is most active, which will increase the chances of your post being seen and potentially upvoted.

To determine the best time to post, you will need to research subreddit activity by time. Different communities have different posting patterns and peak activity times, like:

  • For technology-related subreddits like /r/technology, /r/gadgets, /r/programming, the best time to post is during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and during typical working hours (9am-5pm EST).
  • For gaming-related subreddits like /r/gaming, /r/pcgaming, /r/xboxone, the best time to post is during the evenings and weekends, as these are the times when most people are likely to have free time to play games.
  • For news-related subreddits like /r/news, /r/worldnews, /r/politics, the best time to post is early in the morning (around 6am-9am EST) or late in the evening (around 8pm-12am EST) as these are the times when most people are likely to be catching up on the news.
  • For entertainment-related subreddits like /r/television, /r/movies, /r/music, the best time to post is during the evenings, as these are the times when most people are likely to be watching TV, streaming movies, or listening to music.

It’s worth noting that these are general suggestions, and you should also consider the specific posting patterns and peak activity times of the subreddit you are posting in, and adjust your post schedule accordingly.

To find the best time to post in a specific subreddit, you can refer to the subreddit’s “Posting Guidelines” or “Wiki” page or check the subreddit’s activity levels at different times of the day.

Analyzing Subreddit Traffic: Insights for Specific Subreddits

The data that the user antirabbit crunched, though, was mostly for the top subreddits. Each respective subreddit, however, has its own quirks and audiences. And the best time to post on subreddit depends on the subreddit’s activity and topic covered.

In those, the optimal times to submit content might not overlap with the best times to submit in regards to the default subreddits.

Even if they partly do, this might be because of the overwhelming numbers of US users of Reddit skewing the data.

Fortunately, there is an easy-to-use, free online tool that analyses the top posts of any given subreddit and tells you when they were posted.

It’s called Later For Reddit and shows you on which days of the week and at what different times of the day the top posts of a particular subreddit were submitted.

An analysis of the “Sweden” subreddit, for example, shows that the best days of the week to post at are 5 to 7 AM US Central Time (11 AM to 1 PM GMT, 12 PM to 2 PM Swedish time) on a Thursday or Friday.

If you want to promote something to a Swedish audience, however, you’ll want to publish your blog posts even earlier, at a time when people in Sweden are waking up and starting their day by checking the various social media platforms they use.

This is because US users are the overwhelming majority of Reddit users that the “Sweden” subreddit will receive lots of visitors from the US at US-centric times.

That isn’t to say that all subreddits have such a catch, though – it’s something to keep in mind mostly when posting to place-specific (local, regional, national) subreddits. And nothing should replace your own testing and analysis.

There may be post-popularity factors that can’t be easily be picked up on through numbers. You should think carefully and adapt your posting times to subreddits that follow TV shows, sports, games or other niches that have a specific rhythm of activity.

Effective Headline Writing Techniques for Reddit Posts

Headline writing is an important skill to have when it comes to promoting your content on Reddit. Writing a headline that stands out and captures the audience’s attention can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful engagement with your post.

Here are 5 strategies for writing effective headlines for Reddit:

Use Action Words – Your headline should immediately draw readers in, so focus on using words or phrases that suggest action such as “learn”, “discover”, or “uncover”. This will capture people’s attention and encourage them to click through and read more of your content.

Keep It Simple – While you want to make sure it is catchy enough to interest people, avoid long-winded headings as they are less likely to be clicked on due to their lack of clarity. Keep your titles short and simple while still being interesting enough for someone looking at their feed who won’t know what exactly you’ll be talking about until they click through.

Provide Useful Information – As mentioned before, the title should generate some curiosity but also provide some useful information about a topic related topic without giving away too much information prior which could potentially give off the impression that it is not worth reading further into the post itself if all relevant details were included within the title itself.

Focus On Benefits – People don’t just care about what you have shared – they care about why it matters or what value this brings them directly! Make sure your titles do not just give away too much but also speak from an angle that speaks directly of how this knowledge may help them with something they already understand or engage with regularly (eg: A quick guide on how planning vacations can save money).

Try Different Variations – After coming up with a few initial headlines based on these guidelines try playing around with different variations until one catches your eye. This way you can find out which ones work best amongst visitors who may react differently depending upon their own individual interests / searches etc…


If you decide to implement a free promotion strategy on Reddit, you can consider the best times to post on Reddit to be in the early morning (in the US time zones) on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

This is because people have more time and opportunities to browse Reddit, either because they have days off or because their working week is just starting.

But each subreddit is its own community and will have its own quirks.

In the South Park subreddit (funny content), for example, it’s clearly best to post soon after a new episode comes out, right before a season premiere or right after a season finale. On a subreddit for a specific game, it might be best to post after a regular event (such as a weekly update) or a special event, such as the release of new downloadable content.

The general trend still holds true – early morning on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays is the best time to submit your posts to Reddit.

Do your promotion efforts across multiple social media platforms a favor and save yourself a headache – don’t post at the wrong time, use the tools and data available freely to figure out the best time for your Reddit marketing efforts. Reddit isn’t like other social networks.

You don’t need to go in blind, and a simple analysis can offer information that will save you a lot of time in your content marketing efforts. Provide good content, build your reputation on the subreddits relevant to you, and you’ll find that the “best time to post” windows get larger and your posts perform better.

It’s one thing to post something decent but promotional every few weeks. Being an active member of the Reddit community whose input is valued and who can get away with more due to a trustworthy account “brand” is something else – it’s the next level, one that you should strive to reach.

Reddit is a tough nut to crack, but the potential return (and potential customers you can get) is great and can lead to warm leads and loyal customers. They don’t call it the front page of the internet for nothing! It’s a massive community!

Reddit is the internet giant hiding in plain sight. According to Alexa, Reddit is the 4th most-visited website in the US, after only Google, Youtube, and Facebook. Some dispute this ranking, and they may be right, but whatever the case, Reddit is one of the centers of online gravity for millions of people in America and around the world.


If you decide to implement a free promotion marketing strategy on Reddit, you can consider the best times to post on Reddit to be in the early morning (in the US time zones) on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

To find out more about marketing on Reddit, don’t forget to check out our Reddit Resources.

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