How to Get More Visitors from Reddit

A large proportion of the Reddit crowd is fazed and has seen just about everything done on the Web.

So the best case scenario is that your content is unique and refreshing. To make more out of your average or not so unique material, the following pointers will at least give you an edge over competing submissions.

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How do you get people to see your Reddit post? To get people to see your Reddit post, make sure the content you post is relevant or at least interesting enough for them. If you’re submitting links from other websites, make sure they are relevant and of high quality. If someone else posts something on the same topic as you then it’s best to comment on their post rather than submit your own.

There are a few ways to get people’s attention on Reddit. You can post your own content, comment and reply with others’ posts or submit links from other websites that you think would be of interest for the community in which it is posted.

The most important thing to remember is that Redditors are very protective of their community and will downvote anything they think doesn’t belong.

How To Get Noticed On Reddit

What’s the key to getting your post noticed on Reddit? The best way to get noticed on Reddit is by posting witty and funny, or newsworthy content. The most important thing is having a quality title. If your title doesn’t grab them right off the bat, they’ll never click through – even if it’s a really great article.

Reddit is a tough crowd. There are about 7,000 active subreddits and your goal is to get one upvote on a post that you submit.

It sounds like an impossible task but it can be done.

The most important thing when it comes to Reddit success is understanding what each subreddit likes and dislikes in terms of content. If you’re not sure which subreddit might be right for your submission, try searching through the sidebar wiki page or by typing “subreddit” followed by a keyword into Google (e.g., “subreddit vegan”).

Once you find the right place, take some time to read through old posts in order to understand what kind of content usually does well there and then write something fresh!

Here are some of my top tips that apply to any subreddit:

Be Controversial

Reddit visitors can vote up or down for your submissions. Downvotes can also be of advantage as this gives your submission extra exposure in the Most Controversial sections. This again gives you extra views and clicks.

Get a Discussion Going

This can tie in with point 1 of being controversial. Getting a discussion going in the comment section of your submission helps to gain more exposure and votes, often generating multiple return visits to your link.

Put some Thought into your Link Title

Short and snappy or long and detailed? Every type of submission fairs better with different styles of link title. I have found that single page picture or video submissions do better with a short maybe 2-word title than a long descriptive sentence.

The opposite goes for text submissions. This again is my own experience so you should closely monitor your submissions and the style of titles used to judge for yourself and emulate the best content/title style matches.

Monitor the Time of your Submission

While monitoring your submission you should also take note of the time. Traffic amount and type on Reddit differ greatly during the day and also week.

Factors such as office hours and habits of your target demographic play into the best time to post on Reddit. e.g. Will your link be of interest to the guy at work, the stay at home mum or the (maybe) drunk college student at 2 in the morning?

Map out your submissions and note all important factors that play in. After a while, you will have a good idea of content type/time of day results.

If you do not see the desired results fast enough, don’t be tempted to register endless amounts of accounts to vote for yourself.

It is better to have one solid account with a good reputation that actually pulls some weight when submitting.

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