Promote Your Product on Reddit: A Definitive Guide

Unlike most other social platforms, Reddit users are more sensitive to seeing ads. If you spend some time coming up with a strategy and getting to know the audience you’re trying to reach, you’ll have much better luck promoting your products on Reddit.

So how do you promote products on Reddit?  You can promote your products on Reddit by building up your reputation on the platform, avoiding over-advertising, engaging with the users on the website, earning karma on your account, and engaging in paid promotions to advertise your product. 

Getting to know Reddit is absolutely imperative to advertising on the site. Reddit is home to over three hundred and thirty million active users who log into the website to share posts and engage in comments. The typical Reddit user is a male between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine and they represent a largely untapped marketing opportunity.

Promoting Products on Reddit

The Reddit community is massive and diverse. It’s a great opportunity for you to promote your product, but it isn’t always easy to have success with this strategy.

Here are some questions that I get asked frequently:

Can You Self Promote On Reddit?

Self-promotion is generally frowned upon on Reddit, but it is possible to do so in a way that will be well-received.

The key here, as with any other social media platform or marketing campaign for your product/service (including email), comes down the quality of content you provide and how often this self promotion occurs on Reddit.

If done too much then people may start unsubscribing, but if done sparingly then it can be a great way to get your content in front of new audiences.

In order for self-promotion on Reddit not only work well and go unnoticed by the community (or at least as much), you need:

  • A high quality post that is relevant or interesting enough so that people will want to subscribe and/or upvote your content.
  • A low frequency of self-promotion posts (elements like a title, thumbnail image or opening sentence can be used in order for the post not seem too promotional).

If you are not sure what to post then there is a subreddit for that: r/promoteyourstuff. This allows Redditors the opportunity of promoting their content and products in an easy way without having it seem too promotional or spammy.

Where Can I Promote On Reddit?

Promoting products on Reddit is a great way to get your content in front of potential customers. The most popular subreddit for marketing is r/promoteyourstuff.

There’s also an entire section dedicated just about self-marketing: /r/self. There you can find subreddits for marketing your blog, promoting a business or even just looking to get feedback on an idea.

If you are not sure what type of content would be best suited then there is also the subreddit r/promoteyourblog which will allow Redditors that want their blogs promoted in front other bloggers and readers alike with no judgement.

The best way to promote your product on Reddit is by posting a link in the comments of an active thread. This will ensure that you are seen and not lost among all other posts, as well it gives people who may be interested something new or interesting for them read about while they browse through their feed.

The key to success is being a part of the community.

If there is a specific product or service you’d like to promote then it’s best to find subreddits related specifically with those topics. For example if I was promoting my new book on how-to make money blogging through affiliate marketing, then r/entrepreneur would be a good place to start.

If you are promoting your product or service then it’s best not only promote the benefits but also provide as much information about what is being offered. This will help people make an informed decision and give them all of their options before they buy anything from you.

How Do I Promote My Business On Reddit?

Promoting products on Reddit is a great way to get your business out there. If you are active in the community, then it will be better for both yourself and those who follow what’s going with that subreddit.

If promoting specific products or services, find subreddits related specifically about topics of interest like r/technology, r/business or even just general subreddits like r/all.

If you are promoting a product or service, then it’s best to provide as much information about what is being offered.

Why Does Reddit Hate Self Promotion?

Redditors are a community of people who like to share and discuss things they find interesting. Reddit is not an advertising platform, so self-promotion for personal gain isn’t looked upon favorably by the majority on this site – it violates that trust principal mentioned earlier in regards to what redditors want from their experience here: someone coming onto this website to quietly self-promote violates that trust.

The idea is if a redditor likes something, it must be worth seeing – and the only way for someone’s content or product  to get seen by others on Reddit without being posted in an appropriate subreddit (or getting lucky) would require paying money from their own pocket just so they can get their content or product in front of a few thousand people.

The best way to promote your products on Reddit is by participating and engaging with the community, not just posting links for personal gain – that’s what this site was built around: discussion about things redditors find interesting from other users who are interested too!  

This means that if you have a product and want to promote it, the best way is by being an active member of Reddit.

Your posts should be about things other than yourself or what products are available for purchase on Amazon – instead they can focus around topics like:  a new video game coming out soon; how much time people spend on their phones; or a new TV show that just started.

This will help you build up your karma and get the community to trust what they are reading from YOU, not some random person who is posting links for personal gain – which in turn means more people might be interested when it comes time  to promote something!

Tips For Promoting on Reddit

Get to know Reddit users before you market to them

With millions of users who log in to the site every day, Reddit has huge marketing potential. The average Redditor is between eighteen and twenty-nine years old with an average income of thirty to seventy-five thousand dollars per year. Many Redditors log in to the site to find entertaining content, talk about topics they love, and share content with fellow Redditors. Although most Redditors have money to spend and an interest in new products, they generally do not like being advertised to. 

If you are new to the Reddit community, you want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site and its users. Simply creating an account and sending out links to your business will not do you any favors in the long run. In order to advertise on the site, you’ll need to be a well-respected member of the community with a history of commenting and posting a variety of different content. Remember that Redditors can see your post history and if you are new to the site, they may distrust your reasons for joining. 

Being an active user is a key component of advertising your business. Do your best to engage with and enjoy the site and let any advertising you do come off as natural. It is likely that, if you misuse the site, you could have your posts removed, get reported by other users, or even get banned from using the site altogether. You should endeavor to understand the site more before starting to advertise. If you are interested in promoting your products or services on the site, familiarize yourself with these important elements of Reddit: 

  • Subreddits. These communities are structured around common interests and there are over one million to choose from. Make sure that, if you’re going to advertise you or your business in a subreddit, that the community is relevant to your business and that you are staying within the community guidelines for the group. 
  • Karma. Reddit karma is a points system on the site that reflects your reputation with other users. Keep your discourse polite, share interesting content, and avoid spam techniques in order to win positive karma for yourself. This stat is visible to other users and a low karma score can result in you getting reported for misusing the site. 
  • Comments. Engaging with the comment section of other Redditors posts, and especially your own post, is a great way to earn karma and get to know your fellow users. Remember that sarcasm can go either way over the internet, so if you want to win goodwill in the community it’s best to keep your tone light. 
  • Posting. Make sure your posts are insightful and add value to the site. Simply sharing a link to buy your product will not be well received by Reddit. Showcase how your product or service solves a struggle they may be having. Do your best to respond to any comments that pop up from other Redditors. This lets them know that you are a real person and not a robot posting spam on their feed.

To find out more about marketing on Reddit, don’t forget to check out our Reddit Resources.

Avoid using spam tactics and over advertising

If your links and content do not appear to be genuine, Redditors will have no trouble reporting you. Reddit has been around since 2005, and many of the site users have seen their fair share of marketing ploys during that time. For many users, Reddit is something of a safe haven where they can gather, have a laugh, and discuss the things that they are passionate about. As a result, they are typically uninterested in seeing overt marketing tactics pop up in their news feed. They will not hesitate to report you if it means protecting their online community. 

The most offensive use of Reddit is marketers who choose to set up fake accounts so that they can quickly post content to try to get site traffic or sales. While the ease of this approach may appeal to some marketers, the results are often disastrous. Redditors can see you post history, so if your post comes off as “salesy” they can instantly see what else you’ve posted and commented on. From there, they can report you to the moderators of the subreddit and even get you banned from the entire site. 

Avoid posting anything in all caps. In terms of internet language, this equates to shouting at your audience. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s an instant red flag to users and they’ll likely be turned off by your post before they even open it. It’s important to keep your tone friendly and conversational and not to put any pressure on your fellow Redditors to visit your site or purchase your product. It’s a good idea to look up the site’s unofficial “Reddiquette” to see the general guidelines for interacting with other Redditors. 

Here are a few things that will get you banned on Reddit: 

  • Posting a suspicious amount of links. If your very first post on Reddit contains a link it causes instant distrust. 
  • Upvoting schemes. Rest assured that if you start a second account in order to upvote your post, you’ll get punished.
  • Posting off-topic comments or submissions. Once you’ve chosen a subreddit to dive into, make sure that what you are posting in there stays on topic. If you try slipping your links into an unrelated comment section, this too will get flagged.
  • Asking for upvotes. Pleading or demanding that other Redditors upvote your post will almost certainly get you banned from the site. 

Create a genuine profile and engage with other Redditors

Take the time to set up an account that reflects you. Join and engage with a variety of subreddits to establish your credibility. Before engaging in any kind of promotion, you’ll need to have a good reputation across the site. When you set up your profile, make sure that you use a personal name, as well as a brand name. You’ll also want to set up an avatar picture. A “blank” avatar is a sure sign that you are not invested in the site. Remember your goal with Reddit is always authenticity and your comments and posts should reflect that goal first and foremost. 

Consider setting up TrackReddit or another form of an alert system. This will give you the power to enter relevant keywords and phrases and it will alert you whenever these are used on Reddit. This makes it easy for you to keep track of conversations that are of particular interest to you and your brand. If you are looking for communities and conversations to join, this can help. You’ll also be able to see which subreddits are using these keywords and phrases and this can help you when you are narrowing down which communities are the right ones for your products.

A “lurker” is a user who reads content but does not participate in the conversation. Initially, it can be beneficial to your business for you to be a lurker. Watching and listening can help you find the right communities and content for promoting your products. You can choose to find other successful businesses that engage in Reddit and see where, when, and what they post. This can help you develop your own strategy for engaging with Redditors. Plugging into the right communities for you and your products and services is essential for a successful promotion. 

Choose the right subreddits for your products

When you are promoting products on Reddit, it’s important that you find the right subreddits to post in. Subreddits are divided into interests and there are over a million subreddits found on the site. Spend some time searching through subreddits to find the best community for your product to thrive in and join those first. If you plan to promote your products, it is important to join and engage with a wide variety of related subreddits. When you are posting in your subreddit, make sure you are posting content and comments that aren’t just a stream of self-promotion. 

Avoiding spamming your products will help you keep a good reputation on the site. Always makes sure that when you are commenting or posting in a subreddit that you are following the rules specific to that subreddit. This will help keep your content from getting downvoted by other users or removed by moderators. Are you still deciding on which subreddits to join? Here are some ideas that can help get you started: 

  • Subreddits that help you with your marketing efforts. You may find r/AskMarketing is a good place to start. This subreddit is a friendly place where amateur and experienced marketers meet up to talk about their field. If you are an amateur marketer, this is a great place to get advice, and if you are an experienced marketer it’s a great place to demonstrate your mastery of the topic by answering questions. 
  • Subreddits related to your industry – No matter what industry your product and services fall under, you’ll be able to find at least a handful of subreddits dedicated to it. Join these subreddits and engage in conversation with your peers. Your insightful posts and comments can earn you credit and show other Redditors that you know your stuff. 
  • Subreddits that allow self-promotion – A quick search of subreddits can provide you with a small list of subreddits where you are allowed to self-promote. If you are looking for a place to start try the subreddit r/self-promotion. This is an easy and safe place to start posting and perfecting your pitch. 
  • Subreddits that feature products – If you have a unique product to promote you can try subreddits like r/shutupandtakemymoney or r/ineeeedit to share your products. Make sure to read the post instructions very carefully for this type of subreddit. There are typically limits to the number of times you can post as well as the content. 

Building up your Reddit Karma

In order to successfully promote on Reddit, it is important that you build up your Reddit Karma. Your karma is represented by a numerical value and reflects your reputation on the website. The number is calculated by an unseen algorithm that sums up your contributions to the websites and upvotes/downvotes into one number. Your Reddit karma is largely affected by the number of upvotes or downvotes that you get on your posts and comments on the site. There are some guiding principles you can use to ensure that you get more upvotes and maintain good karma. 

Ready to buildup your karma? Here are some basics to help generate positive karma: 

  • Create unique content. Posting interesting content to the right subreddit is a surefire way to gain lots of upvotes which will boost your overall karma score
  • Respond to comments. If other Redditors are responding to your content, keep the conversation going by engaging with the comment section. You don’t have to answer every single comment, but it’s important to respond to as many as you can. 
  • Comment. You can also receive upvotes for commenting on other people’s posts. Share an insight or make a joke and you’ll likely find that your karma points increase
  • Keep it positive. Negative comments and sarcasm can easily be conflated on the internet, but a positive and light tone will earn you favor with your fellow Redditors. 

Here are some tips for avoiding bad karma: 

  • Treat others with respect. If you are rude in the comment section, you may earn downvotes from your fellow Redditors. It’s better to keep your tone light, especially if you are hoping to promote in that subreddit in the future. A heated comment will not only affect your karma, it will stay on your profile for all to see. 
  • Avoid controversial topics. If you are looking to score good karma and promote products, it’s usually best to stay out of hot button issues. Representing a business or products online often means putting your personal feelings aside and maintaining a professional tone.
  • Don’t spam your products. As we covered earlier, if you are spamming your products all over Reddit, your posts will get heavily downvoted. This means your product won’t be seen and your karma will take a hit from all of the incoming downvotes. 

How To Use Paid Ads To Promote Products On Reddit

If you’d prefer to take the paid promotion route, you’ll likely find Reddit is a good place for your advertisements. Because of many Redditors’ aversion to advertising, the paid ad competition is relatively low and affordable. Reddit offers targeting by interest category and by individual subreddit. If you’ve been putting in the time to build up your Reddit presence and engage with subreddits, using paid promotions within that subreddit might be a good next step for you. When your paid advertisements pop up, your fellow Redditors will recognize your brand. 

You can set up your first paid product promotion in a few easy steps: 

  1. Sign in to with your username and password. This will direct you to create your first ad campaign. 
  2. Give your campaign a name. 
  3. Select your funding method. Credit card will be the default. 
  4. Choose your campaign objective. You have several options to consider when promoting your products: Brand Awareness & Reach, Traffic, Conversions, Video Views, or App Install. Once you’ve selected, hit continue. 
  5. Name your ad group and define your audience. You’ll have a wide range of options for audience targeting including location, interest groups, communities/subreddits, and devices. 
  6. Below your audience, you’ll also find an optional checkbox that will allow Reddit to expand your targeting to maximize results. 
  7. Next, you’ll have the opportunity to set either a lifetime budget or a daily budget and a schedule for your campaign. 
  8. Make sure to add great visual elements and ad copy in the next section. You can also choose to select an existing post as your promotion. 
  9. View your ad preview. Make sure your writing is free of errors, visual elements are in place, and external links are working properly. 
  10. Select Review and submit to get your ad going. 

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