Reddit Saved Posts: Organize and Access Your Bookmarked Content

I was browsing Reddit the other day, and I came across a topic that caught my attention. The user had been looking for ways to save posts on Reddit so they could come back to them later.

Saving posts is something that many people have wanted to do in the past but didn’t know how- or would forget after saving one post! To solve this problem, we’ll be discussing a number of different methods for you to use when saving your favorite content from Reddit.

Can others see your saved posts on Reddit? No, your saved Reddit posts are only visible to you. This is because of the “saved” status that Reddit gives them- they’re not public content and can’t be seen by anyone else unless explicitly shared with others or made into a post on their own account.

Saving Posts on Reddit

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Saved Posts on Reddit

Saving posts is something that many people have wanted to do in the past but didn’t know how- or would forget after saving one post!

To solve this problem, we’ll be discussing a number of different questions you might have when you save your favorite content from Reddit.

What Does Saving a Post on Reddit Do?

Saving a post on Reddit does two things:  It saves the content to your account, and it also adds that link as an item in your “saved posts” category.

This is helpful if someone wants their favorite links saved for future reference or just wants them all collected in one place!

It’s not possible at this time to save a post without adding it to your “saved posts” category.

Is There a Limit to Saved Posts on Reddit?

No, there is no limit to saved posts on Reddit. The limit to saved posts on Reddit is the size limitation of 1000 items per list and every subreddit has a cap at this number as well.

So if you scroll through your favorite subreddits it will stop after about 100-200 pages worth of content depending on how many links have been posted in each category since the last time they were updated.

If you click on a link to an old post, it will still be there but not in the list of posts for that subreddit anymore and if they are at all popular or controversial, then chances seem high someone has already linked them before so your vote won’t really make much difference anyway unless its something new like “I just found this cool thing” or “I just saw this crazy video”.

The only way to save posts on Reddit is by using a third-party app like RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) which will allow you access the saved post section of your favorite subreddits.

This also has its limits as it can’t be accessed from mobile devices and there are some other limitations.

The other way is to use a bookmarking service like Redditmarks which will allow you to access the saved post section of your favorite subreddits from any device and has no limitations whatsoever.

But it does cost money for an annual subscription fee (which can be canceled at any time). You also have more options with this as there are many different ways to save posts.

Do You Get Notified if Someone Saves Your Post on Reddit?

No, you will not be notified if someone saves your post on Reddit, but you can see the number of people who have saved it by clicking on “Saved Posts” in their profile settings and scrolling down to where they list all posts that are currently being tracked or followed.

Where Are My Saved Posts on Reddit?

To see the Reddit saved posts, just follow these easy steps:  

  • Visit your profile page
  • Scroll down and click the Saved heading under the Posts section.

How Do I Export Saved Reddit Posts?

To export your saved posts, follow these steps:  

  • Log into and click on the subreddit that you want to download in order of preference (e-g., /r/funny).
  • On the bottom left there is a menu icon with three horizontal lines;
  • Click it then select the “export all from this sub” option

Can You Organize Saved Reddit Posts?

Yes, you can organize saved Reddit posts.  If a user has Reddit gold they are able to set categories on the post or comment when saving it and then filter their listing by category/subreddit if those have been established beforehand.

However, once that person loses his / her Gold membership he will not be capable of filtering any longer but the categorizing should stick around for when they get their Gold membership back.

Can People See Your Saved Posts on Reddit?

No, people cannot see your saved posts on Reddit. Reddit does not have a feature that allows you to publicly share and view posts that are saved by other users. This is because Reddit is a place where users can express themselves freely without the fear of judgment or scrutiny – and choosing what to save is often a very personal affair.

In short, posts you save on Reddit are completely private and cannot be seen by other users. The only way others can view your saved posts is if you choose to share a link with them directly. This feature helps to ensure the privacy of Reddit users and encourages people to express themselves freely without fear.

Saving Posts Is a Great Feature

Saving posts on Reddit can be a great feature for users who want to store interesting content or resources for future reference. It allows them to easily go back and find a post they saved without having to search through their browsing history or the Reddit archives. Additionally, the fact that posts are privately saved means that users can safely archive things they find on Reddit without worrying about anyone else seeing them.

If you’re like me and have been a Redditor for the past 5 years, then there’s no doubt that you’ve seen your fair share of interesting posts. This is why I created this blog post to teach you how to save those posts for later because trust me, they are worth it!