_______? Reddit Mods: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Reddit is a social media website where users can post links to content on the internet. These posts are called “subreddits”.

Reddit has hundreds of thousands of subreddits, but only about 8% of these are moderated by volunteers known as “mods” who enforce the site’s rules and guidelines.

This article will answer some questions that many people have about reddit mods and their duties.

Do Reddit Mods get paid? No, reddit mods are volunteers and do not get paid. Many people find that moderating on Reddit helps them find a sense of community from people who feel the same way they do.

Reddit Mods

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Reddit Mods.

Can Reddit Mods See Who Upvotes?

No, Reddit Mods cannot see who upvotes a post. Upvoting is an anonymous function on reddit, meaning that the moderators can’t tell which user pressed “↑”.

Can Mods On Reddit See Who Downvoted?

No, Reddit Mods cannot see who downvotes a post. Downvoting is an anonymous function on reddit.

Can Reddit Mods See IP Addresses?

No, Reddit Mods cannot see IP addresses. The only information that a Reddit moderator may have about the user is their username and any comments they make on posts or in chatrooms.

However, this can be misleading because many users create “throwaway” usernames to post things anonymously with no intention of returning later for more interaction (i.e., trolling).

Can Reddit Moderators See Your Email?

No, Reddit Moderators cannot see your email. The only information that a moderator may have about the user is their username and any comments they make on posts or in chatrooms.Can Reddit Mods Delete Posts?

Can Reddit Mods Delete Posts?

Yes, Reddit mods can delete posts. However, they can only delete something if it violates their subreddit’s rules.

Can Reddit Mods See Deleted Posts?

No, Reddit mods cannot see deleted posts. The only way a Reddit mod can see deleted posts is if Automod is set up to approve all posts on the subreddit. That way, there’ll always be a log of the deleted post in the Mod Log.

Can Reddit Mods Delete Comments?

Yes, if a comment violates the subreddit’s rules, Reddit moderators can delete comments. However they cannot edit a comment that has already been published.

Can Reddit Mods See Deleted Comments?

No, Reddit mods cannot see deleted comments. The only way a Reddit mod can see deleted comments is if Automod has been set up to approve all comments on the each post.

With Automod, there’ll always be an archive of every comment that’s ever made, even those which were unpublished at some point in time because they violated one or more rules for posting content on the subreddit.

Can Reddit Mods Hide Posts?

No, Reddit Mods can’t hide posts but they can delete posts that violate the subreddit’s rules. Hiding a post on Reddit only makes the post invisible to the user who hid it. Hiding a post does not delete that post.

Can Reddit Mods See Edits?

Yes, Reddit Mods can see edits if they have been set up to approve all comments on the each post. Moderators can also view the most recently edited comments and self-posts in the subreddits they moderate.

Can Reddit Mods See Who Gives Awards?

No, Reddit Mods cannot see who awards other users in subreddits they moderate. Awarding other users in a subreddit is an activity that only the user who awards another person can see.

Can Reddit Mods See Who Reported?

No, Reddit Mods can’t see who reported posts in subreddits they moderate. The reporting user’s identity is not revealed to moderators unless their name or email address was included with a report post.

Can Reddit Mods Shadow Ban?

Yes, Reddit Mods can shadow ban users in their subreddits using Automod. Automod is a bot that automatically bans users who post spam or are abusive.

Reddit Mods can also ban people from commenting in their subreddit using Automoderator, which automates the process of banning certain words and phrases on Reddit posts (for example: “First Post!”).

It’s important to note here though – moderators CANNOT see what posts people are commenting on when they ban a word or phrase, so Automoderator is used to prevent undesirable behavior which moderators can’t see.

Users will be alerted that their comment was automatically removed if it’s in the title of any post (because everyone sees titles), and banned users get an alert from Reddit telling them what happened after 24 hours.

Can You Report Reddit Mods?

There is not much you can do when it comes to reporting moderators, and there are a number of reasons for this.

  • First off – if the moderator wasn’t breaking any rules then they’re free from being reported by users on Reddit or otherwise disciplined in most cases (although some subreddits may have stricter guidelines).
  • Secondly, Reddit can only act on the moderator’s behavior while they are online and in relation to their account- if someone is a jerk IRL or offline then that will have nothing do with what happens at Reddit (unless it somehow affects posts made).
  • Thirdly, moderators are free to set their own guidelines as long they follow them and Reddit’s content policy (with some exceptions).
  • Fourth – there is no easy way for users or people outside of reddit itself in many cases) identify an individual moderator unless it was a public account on social media etc., which would be against reddit’s rules.
  • And Fifth- Reddit as a company does not have any official affiliation with the moderators of subreddits or volunteer admins, and should never be contacted about an individual moderator in this context unless it is to report rule breaking on behalf of that subreddit.

Can You Block Mods On Reddit?

Yes, you can block mods on Reddit. However, the mods will still be able to see the content you post on the subreddit they’re moderating.

Blocking mods on Reddit is a feature that allows you to mute them. If your intention was simply not be notified when they comment, then this might work for some people in certain subreddits – but it will also block notifications from other posts submitted by these moderators as well.

Can Reddit Mods Make Money?

No, subreddit moderators cannot make money. They are volunteers who oversee the community and set its rules to fit their personal taste or belief system (or lack of one).

Subreddit mods can create a Patreon page for themselves but they’re not allowed by Reddit Inc., which owns it’s platform & software – is considered an employee rather than an independent contractor.