Reddit Coins: Answers to your Questions

You may have heard about Reddit Coins from reading other blogs or articles.

But what are they?

Do you need them to use the site? Are they just for fun? What can you do with them and how much do they cost?

These questions and more will be answered in this blog post, so keep reading!

What are Reddit coins? Reddit coins are a way of rewarding users for their contributions to the site. Reddit coins have nothing do with using or viewing reddit. They’re only used as an incentive of sorts to reward those who create content.

Reddit coins

Here are some commonly asked questions about Reddit coins:

Are Reddit Coins Worth It?

Reddit coins are not worth it for most people. The only time they may be worthwhile is if you visit Reddit often, upvote or down vote content a lot and want to get more than just karma points from your effort on the site in return (and even then there’s still probably better ways).

Are Reddit Coins Worth Money?

No, Reddit coins are not really worth any money once they’ve been awarded. Reddit coins are not a way of paying for things on the site and can’t be used to buy anything.

Can Reddit Coins Be Converted Into Money?

No, Reddit coins can not be converted into money. The only way to get rid of them is by trading in the coin for karma points on your favorite subreddit or giving a reddit user you really like some as an incentive if they create content that has been helpful and insightful (as mentioned above).

You could also just use it up when voting on content and commenting.

Can You Buy Stuff With Reddit Coins?

Reddit coins are essentially just points and can’t be used to purchase anything. They’re a way of rewarding the site’s users in order for them not only create content but also do things like vote on it or engage with other people who post stuff that they find interesting (which means more exposure).

The whole point is really getting redditors to engage with each other more by giving them something to do in order for their content or votes on others’ work is taken into consideration.

The only way you can spend your coins at this point would be if the person who sent it has a blog and they’re running an offer that includes Reddit Coins as one of its prizes (I’m not sure how many people are running offers like this).

The coins can never be transferred to your bank account, so if you’re a blogger or looking for some kind of reward system on the site – it’s not going happen.

Can You Cash Out Reddit Coins?

No, there’s no way to cash out Reddit coins. The only way you can spend the coins is if they are sent to another person who has a blog that’s running an offer with Reddit Coins as one of its prizes.

Can You Earn Reddit Coins?

The only way to earn Reddit coins is if your content is awarded Gold or Platinum. You can also buy Reddit coins or subscribe to Reddit Premium and get Reddit coins as part of the subscription.

Can You Get Reddit Coins For Free?

You can get Reddit coins for free when someone gives your post a Gold or Platinum award. Sometimes, Reddit also gives out some free coins to market the Reddit Premium subscription.

Can You Get Reddit Coins For Upvoting?

No, Upvoting doesn’t get you any Reddit coins, but it does help earn the author more karma points on their account and potentially make them eligible for Gold or Platinum awards in future posts if readers like what they see when browsing through your profile page’s history of upvotes/down votes.”

There are a lot of memes claiming that you can get 250 Reddit coins for upvoting content. These are fake and the posters are just trying to get upvotes to increase their karma.

As mentioned earlier, Reddit did run a marketing campaign where they randomly gave out Reddit coins to people who upvoted content but this campaign isn’t active today.

Can You Redeem Reddit Coins?

No, Reddit coins can’t be redeemed. Reddit coins can only be used to reward people for posting valuable content.

Do Reddit Coins Expire?

No, Reddit coins do not expire. Reddit coins stay in your account until you award them to someone.

How Do I Get Reddit Coins?

You can get Reddit coins by commenting on posts, sharing links or answering questions posed to you. You can also buy Reddit coins directly on Reddit or subscribe to Reddit Premium and get coins as a part of the subscription.

How To Check How Many Reddit Coins You Have?

To check how many Reddit coins you have, click the “My Coins” tab and then find your username at left-hand side. You can view your Reddit coins balance on the top navigation bar next to your username.