Is Reddit a Friendly Community?

A social news site that has some of the best content on the web, Reddit is one of the most visited internet pages in the United States and further. Numbers speak of Reddit’s success, but they can’t answer an often essential question – is Reddit friendly?

Yes, Reddit is friendly, but only if you know how to use it properly. If you search for subreddits with non harmful content and strict anti-harassment rules, you will be more likely to see only the good side of the platform.

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The front page of the internet, as this website is often called, has some amazing communities and individuals that will help you learn, laugh, and feel good instantly. Find out how to find them and avoid those whose goal is just the opposite. 

Reddit Is Friendly As Long As You Avoid Toxic Subreddits (and People)

Reddit has more than 50 million users daily and around 140,000 active subreddits. Each of the redditors has its own ideas, beliefs, and thoughts that are subject to discussion on this platform. In order to get a better understanding of how big the Reddit platform actually is, take a look at its constant growth over time: 

YearNumber of postsNumber of comments Number of monthly active users 
2018153 million1.2 billion330 million
2019199 million1.7 billion430 million
2020303.4 million2 billion 480 million

It’s only natural that not all of the other redditors are going to agree with you on the topic you’re interested in. However, more than their (dis)agreement, it’s their reaction that will cause a positive or negative atmosphere. Some will be disrespectful and rude trying to convince you otherwise or end up insulting you because you dare to hold a different opinion. Others will state their minds but respect those who don’t share the same view. The key is finding those communities in which the second type of redditors prevails.

Anonymity on This Site Can Provide Protection in Both Good and Bad Way

Unlike some other social media, using pseudonyms is not only possible on Reddit but expected. Using usernames instead of full names should protect your real identity on a virtual platform. Redditors can reveal more personal information, but only if and when they want to.However, there will always be people who will abuse the benefits anonymity provides. Bullies and those generally unhappy with their lives see anonymity as a chance to write hateful speech content harass others without getting any real consequences. To avoid those kinds of people, ensure that the communities you choose have regulations against spiteful comments.

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Amount of (Un)Friendliness Depends on the Subreddit You’re on

Each of Reddit’s communities holds different topics, rules, and people following it. The friendliness of a subreddit will depend on all of those three factors combined. Although you can’t predict which one will be interesting and which one is toxic, know that unfollowing subreddits can be the next step if you feel harassed

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid any topic related to gaming and politics – redditors in those communities tend to be rude, to say the list. But which communities are considered good ones? According to redditors’ experience, these are some examples of the most friendly communities:

  • r/CasualConversation/ – this forum allows you to start a conversation about anything you want, as long as it doesn’t represent harmful content. 
  • r/stopdrinking – a true example of how supportive one community can be. It’s a place that helps others cope with alcoholism. Redditors share their experiences, ask for advice and motivate each other. 
  • r/UpliftingNews/  – positive-themed communities tend to be more friendly, and you hardly can get any more positive than sharing only good news that will make you feel terrific. 
  • r/personalfinance – a forum that is always ready to help you and provide the answer to your question, no matter how many times before it has been asked. 

When Do Subreddits and Redditors Get Banned?

Each subreddit on the platform has an admin and moderator responsible for enforcing Reddit’s and the subreddit’s rules and regulations. According to Reddit’s official policy, any community or user using bullying, harassment, and threats of violence against another member(s) will get banned.

Can a Child Use Reddit, or Is Using This Social News Platform Safe for Kids?

The question of whether a child should browse through Reddit forums should be directed more on the type of content existing on this platform rather than the unfriendliness of redditors. This website was made for adult users, meaning they can find content that is only adult-appropriate. Reddit’s policy states that kids under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the site. However, parents usually agree that even that age is too young. Depending on the content you search for, Reddit’s communities can provide you with new and exciting facts, help you expand your knowledge, or make you laugh on a daily basis. However, browsing to some other communities can lead you to very disturbing content. The same goes for a child. So, when possible, try to supervise your kids when using Reddit and teach them how to do it properly.

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What’s the Karma system, and how does it get misused?

Karma represents the level of your contribution to the community, and it’s displayed on your profile. The best way of gaining karma is to get upvotes when you create posts and comments. However, downvotes can also negatively affect your karma score. 

If you stumble upon unfriendly redditors and communities, some of your posts and comments can be downvoted without any specific reasons. So that doesn’t happen to you, looking for popular communities that have proven to be friendly.

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Choose Your Subreddits Carefully, and You’ll Get to Meet Amazing People Who Share the Same Interests Like You

One of the main ideas of Reddit makers was to create a community where people can share their knowledge, thoughts, and humor with others who have the same interest. The possibility of encountering maliciousness is always there, just like in the other parts of the internet. However, don’t let it stop you from connecting with interesting and amusing redditors and exploring the fascinating world Reddit has to offer.